Basta sa panlasang pinoy, approve ‘yan!
Enjoy every spoonful moment as you satisfy your cravings for some nutty filling with Cielo’s Peanut Butter.
Hindi tinipid sa lasa, kaya masarap!
Cielo’s Peanut Butter made the tastiest and crunchiest peanut butter, all just perfect for you to pair up with your dishes.
Why sell Cielo’s Peanut Butter?
For a lot of reasons, but most importantly is for you to taste the success!
Fast-moving consumer goods
Peanut butter has been part of everyday’s meal so it's not hard to sell peanut butter these days.
Filipinos love peanut butters.
We've perfected the right amount of the nutty filling that Filipinos will surely love even more.
No artificial preservatives and less sugar.
It's healthier and good for the memory!
100% made from imported peanuts.
We have chosen to use only the best quality of peanuts to share something on your tables.
Enjoy a big discount and create a pipeline of profit in a brilliant way with the help of us!
Creamy peanut butter
A sweet and tasty peanut butter made with natural, healthy and wonderful ingredients for you to enjoy.
Mom and Dad loved this!
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Crunchy peanut butter
Taste the crunchiness of our peanut butter with every dish that you wish to serve for your loved ones.
Teens loved this!
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Choco peanut butter
A clash of chocolatey and peanut butter taste that are very fun to eat.
Kids loved this!
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Coco Jam
Rich and deep flavor of caramelized coconut that gives multi layered taste of savory and a kick of sweet aftertaste.
Filipino Family love this!
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Sarap na pwede mong i-share
Create bonding moments with your loved ones with these delightful creations that are not a secret for us to share.
Don’t miss a wonderful opportunity to earn.
Cielo’s Peanut Butter is here not to just give your bread some filling, but to help you earn while spreading towards success.
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